Monday, 06 July 2009

Strike Ballot

On Friday the SABC has tabled what they called a revised offer. The offer is 8.5% immediately backdated to 1 April and a commitment to a further 1.5% with no indication when it will be paid, how it will be paid and if it will be backdated.

This is nothing new.

The SABC has committed itself to CPI-X plus 1%. This is not in dispute. It is also not in dispute that it adds up to 12.2%.

We hear no commitment or negotiations in respect of the difference between 8.5% and 12.2%. Management keeps on saying we know we owe you 12.2%, but they are not prepared to commit on the difference.

The only commitment that came out of the meeting was that they will now take action against managers who have been implicated in audit reports.

We will only believe them once they start suspending those managers.

Please remember to attend the ballot at 12:00 today at K1 Auditorium.

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