Friday, 24 July 2009


We are concerned about the latest enquiries by management to identify so-called redundant employees. Not only is it unprocedural and unlawful to do it this way, but it is also misplaced.

Retrenchments must start with management, then with freelancers and not the staff.

We request that staff submit names to us of managers doing nothing and who does not have a job or real function. We will put those names forward as the first ones to go. Then we will look at freelancers who are not a member of our union.

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We will soon put a moratorium on the joining of new members until after the retrenchments. We are not prepared to take on new members at the point where they stand to loose their jobs. This will result in the union paying for legal costs should there be a dispute of members who has never contributed to the union before. BEMAWU will only fight for its own members, freelance and permanent and we will try to make sure our members have continued employment at the SABC.



Anonymous said...

im am 57 years old i think 34 years service
if the sabc offer me one month salary for a each year service 34 months pay i will take a package

Anonymous said...

If only Top Management and the interim Board can be trusted re the conditions!!!!!!!! We doubt that they be. Top Management has proven themselves over and over that they cannot be trusted - we'll see about the interim Board.

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