Monday, 06 July 2009

Strike Ballot outcome

We have counted the votes and 55.11% of our members voted in favour of a strike.

It is a democratic right to participate or to not participate in a strike. If you have voted no, please do not resign from the union just because you do not want to go on strike. If you don't want to strike, you simply continue to work.

Members are in any event bound by agreement to give 1 month's notice. Also, no employee at the SABC should be without a union now, as we have heard SABC Management talking about possible retrenchments. Unions will only take care of their members.

We are hopeful that the matter will be resolved before it is necessary to embark on a full blown strike in 7 days, as we are bound to give 7 days notice, which notice will start tomorrow, 7 July.

We will plan the strike to be very effective and it should be over within a day or two. We will make it a condition that members will be paid for days on strike to call off a strike.

In a meeting today with Gab he promised to come back to us by tomorrow in respect of the remainder of the 8.5%.

Members must please be patient. It's a difference of 3.7%. Remember, we are bound by the same multi-term agreement next year. CPI-X could be 4%, and we will be bound by the agreement to accept 5%. No arbitration, no strike then.

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Anonymous said...

Any reduced,delayed or postponed increase will impact negatively on members intending to retire within the next two years.

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