Wednesday, 08 July 2009

Meeting feedback

Today's meeting at 14:00 was a prime example of "fruitless and wasteful" behaviour by the SABC. An entirely new team of junior people were send with no mandate or fresh offer. They did not know what the last offer was and they were not aware of the fact that we were expecting the Minister to meet with us. As no fresh offer were made and nothing was put on the table to resolve the impasse the meeting adjourned after 15 minutes.

There is another lunchtime picket on Friday from 13:00 to 14:00.

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Anonymous said...

I think todays picket was a huge success. Hopefully more people will join on Friday. It will really be wonderful to get everybody out of their offices and into the street. In the end everybody will benefit - not only the people who are willing to make a stand.

When will Management losse their arrogance and starting to work towards a solution to the problem. Listening to the news tonight, Riaan Cruywagen reported that Managements offer is 10%. This is untrue, and he as a union member of UASA, should refuse to report untrue information. ALL people should start talking the truth.

Why is wotk on M1 Studio still continuing, while staff in Main Control work with old disfunctional equipment? Gelfand should also be called to order and get his prioritie straightened out.

It used to be so nice to tell people that we are working for the SABC, unfortunetely this has changed thanks to our wonderful Management.

Anyway, let's see where everything will end ...

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