Thursday, 09 July 2009

More lies...

The SABC has send the following letter to us at 15:00 today.

This letter contains several lies....

Our response...


Per E-mail

Dear Mr. Mampone,


Your letter of even date has reference.

  1. We took note, with concern of the contents of your letter under reply and wish to place the following on record:

    • We did not refuse to enter into negotiations with the SABC, we attended the said meeting,
    • The SABC had no mandate at all, let alone a clear mandate, and it was so stated on the record,
    • The team had no offer to make, they stated on record they had no mandate and they did not know what previous offer were made to organised labour.

2. We do not know what games are being played by management, but we believe management’s conduct is reprehensible and dangerous. The three unions at the SABC is about to enter into a full blown strike at the SABC and it appears as if management is not serious about the risk they are putting the public broadcaster at.

3. The offer put to organised labour now is no different to what has been put to us before. We will not and cannot accept offers that has no substance. By stating that the 1.5% is subject to formal approval by the SABC means the Board may not approve the 1.5%. The offer will then remains at 8.5% which have been rejected before.

4. We also note that reference is being made to the SABC Board. Parliament is currently busy calling for nominations for a new Board. This means we have to wait for the Board which will only be appointed after six (6) months before we will know whether the 1.5% has been approved or not.

We insist that you rectify the issues raised in paragraph 1 above. We have a recording of the meeting that will confirm what you have stated above, never transpired at the said meeting.


Hannes du Buisson
President : BEMAWU

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