Monday, 20 July 2009

Lotus FM

Kindly refer to the SABC's Media statement hereunder and see our response at the end.



Johannesburg, 17 July 2009 – The SABC would like to comment that the demands by Bemawu in the particular case of Lotus FM Station Manger Ms. Gail Samuels to be removed or redeployed as well as the review of her disciplinary hearing are unreasonable and unlawful because these concerns raised by Bemawu on behalf of its members were addressed and investigated by Management. A disciplinary hearing was conducted whereby Ms. Samuels was given a final warning.

Ms. Samuels pleaded guilty during the hearing for matters that her own managers had not addressed and therefore took accountability as Station Manager. It would be unfortunate if Lotus FM employees decide to go on strike; on issues that management has been dealing with and are still willing to engage the union on, as per the outcome of the CCMA conciliation process held in Durban yesterday.

The SABC further confirms receipt of a notice for strike by Bemawu members, commencing 21 July 2009 at 14:00. The SABC will have no option but to take appropriate action to ensure that there is uninterrupted broadcast at Lotus FM. The principle of no work no pay will apply and any misconduct will be dealt with accordingly.

The SABC can as one of its options, apply for an interdict should a strike go out of order and threaten the peaceful order and the stability of the station. This should not be seen as a threat, but just one of the legal recourses at the disposal of the SABC.


Issued By: Group Communications

Media Enquiries: Kaizer Kganyago
082 306 8888


  1. Our demands are not unlawful and unreasonable. The CCMA has confirmed same.
  2. Our concerns have never been addressed, hence the matter remained unresolved at the CCMA,
  3. We have no faith in the internal disciplinary system of the SABC. It is usually manipulated by Management. Either to unlawfully dismiss employees they want to get rid off, like the Durban 4 or to protect management, like in this case.
  4. The CCMA has indicated in no uncertain terms the strike will be protected. To interdict would be another fruitless and wasteful expenditure. This also is a clear indication the SABC does have money. Any interdict will be defended with costs to the SABC.
  5. We are willing to address issues. There is still 24 hours left to do so. If there is no resolution, the strike will go ahead, as planned.
  6. The only outcome at the CCMA was that employees are entitled to strike.

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