Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Lies and cover-up

In a media statement released by the SABC they alleged Ms Samuels of Lotus FM pleaded guilty to misconduct her managers have committed.

There is only one manager reporting to Ms. Samuels.

Yesterday he confronted Ms. Samuels about this statement. She denied that she has made this claim.

The SABC thus lied in their media release and they covered-up for Ms. Samuels.

The manager, our member will institute a grievance against the SABC media spokesperson today.


Anonymous said...

Well done! I believe the new auditors should extensively scrutinise all statements made by the Spokesperson, including the Blacklisting SAGA, and establish the truth of each. Each lie causes further damage to SABC

Anonymous said...

I hope the manager insists on a public apology from this habitual liar. He really embarrasses the SABC at every turn.

Anonymous said...

Kommissar Kaizer Kganyago "KKK" - even the American KKK looks good against this one. Sies.

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