Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Message to Urban Brew, Atlas Studios, other production facilities and freelancers

As from tomorrow employees at the SABC will embark on a protected strike to enforce a promise to pay, being 12,2%.

If you assist the SABC to continue to broadcast, it may have an effect on our strike. As the SABC has promised employees to pay, and is now reneging on that agreement, so they have done to you too. We have supported you in your attempt to get your money, please support us too. This strike is not only about a salary increase. It is also about responsible management and the ability to keep on functioning as a public broadcaster, but without the big spenders.

And maybe you will also not be paid for helping out. They had to be sued by their previous lawyer to be paid.

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Anonymous said...

I just want to highlight few points, people who attended yesterday’s meeting they must take note that people where willing to compromise and be reasonable by accepting 10.25% backdated to April until BISHO REGION said they are sticking to 12.2%. I personally was happy when a go sms that I will get 10.25% why can’t management meet us half way? Someone mention the fact that management are still misusing money and Hannes comment was they are using the money they don’t have, why can’t they use the money they don’t have on US? They are drawning the company and we are going down with them like cowards. I don’t want to strike BUT I believe that we deserve more than 8% because I don’t have the luxury that they have and now I CAN NOT SELL MY LEAVE TO SURVIVE. BEMAWU we are dancing to management’s music and they doing NOW and they will do it AGAIN and AGAIN.

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